From design to heart opening

My true name is Patricia, I always felt that poppies somehow represent my strength in life. Poppies bloom on their own, without any human help, they are fragile but so intense and powerful at the same time.

Yoga has been a part of my life since November 2017, and never left me since, what is great about it is that I am now more conscious about my own being, body, mind and soul. Most importantly I am more conscious about the environment and living my life trying my best not harm what surrounds me in any way, but in fact, to help.

I am now a registered yoga teacher with a 200RYT in Integral Vinyasa Yoga & Pranayama. I cannot wait to see what this journey holds for me from Lessons, workshops and retreats!

Thank you for stopping by, you awesome soul!

I bow to you, Namaste.