4 Ways to avoid skin damage!

Guys if I even begin to describe the things I have done to my skin without thinking of the results and circumstances, you would literally shout at me!

Before I start explaining what NOT to do and how to avoid the damage through time, I would like to take a moment and thank the gods for keeping my skin decent and not AS DAMAGED as it should have been.

For example, I remember one time, on a ski trip in Lebanon, I was so angry at my skin for always beeing fair, I wanted to have some tanning and nice color, and well, I started putting #nivea cream on my face every 2 or 3 hours. in total, 3 times. When I arrived home, I barely could shower for how brutally in pain I was and for how much my face was burnt. MAJOR NO!

// This brings us to the very first and important way to avoid damage, UNPROTECTED SUN EXPOSURE!

There is nothing new to this, people have been talking non stop about avoiding unprotected sun exposure, and it is because it is so true and CRUCIAL, the effects are not directly visible, so take it from my experience, I started seeing the spots here and there and how my skin was suffering :(

USE SPF! I wouldn't suggest less than 50 to avoid:

Skin cancer, Age spots, Freckles, Wrinkles..

Start today by loving your skin and taking care of it.

// The second way to avoid skin damage is well, another very important factor, DRINK WATER, DRINK WATERRRRRRRRR!!!

I am a bid fan of #noplastic and that is why I keep my WAMI bottle by my side everywhere I go, even to work.

And this way, I am always reminded to keep drinking water and keep my body and skin hydrated at all time. and

I happen to be the person who forgets to drink, and this not only leads to a lesser healthy skin, but also your whole body (kidney, liver, bones...)


// The third way to avoid damaging your skin and face is DAY AND NIGHT CREAMS

your skin will stay moisturized and healthy, anti aging creams at night is a plus!

Other than the creams, you can show your skin some love by applying some masks twice a week!

I have two routes here, either I get masks from brands I truly trust applying on my skin, such as lush masks and OMG they have so many goodies, and fresh as well!

My second route is going PURE NATURAL,

I adore anything DIY:

• Aloe Vera pure gel, like yes I cut the leaf and take the gel directly from its' core,

by far by far by far my favorite mask ever.

• Rice mask, very easy, boil a table spoon of white rice in water, make sure they are really cooked through, drain and mix them until creamy, apply to your face and keep for about 25-30 min, and thank me later!

// And now to the reason why a lot of damage to the skin happen, while we can easily avoid doing btw, and it is SMOKING! #iambeinghonest #sharingmytruth

I am not here to fake anything, I will speak the truth and share my honest journey.

This is a picture of me when I was still a big smoker, I think (not sure exactly) it was back in 2014...

To be honest, there is nowhere to hide with this one, this why the term SMOKER FACE exists, the skin will simply look unhealthy.

''When you smoke, the living layers of your skin are less apt to receive proper amounts of oxygen and nutrients that are required to stay healthy. And then, you guessed it, here come the wrinkles.''

There you go friends, my honest journey with my skin and how to avoid doing what I did to cause my face/skin this damage and being exhausted...

I hope I will inspire some of you to be more careful about some routines that can help avoid future damages. if you have any comments or more ideas, please comment below!

Stay healthy, Stay cool and most of all Love skin some more!



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