5 Things I've Learnt from Yoga so far

Ah the big community of yogis... the things you will learn and the things you still have to discover! I for once changed and learnt so much during this past year and a half since I started practicing Yoga and Meditation, keep reading and discover the 5 things I have learnt so far amigos!

1. I don't Have to be flexible to practice yoga.

in fact, I practice yoga to become flexible, some poses are still super challenging for me, splits?? HAH! in my dreams, but hey it is a dream that might just come true if I practice well and respect my body's limits.

2. NEEDING yoga VS DOING yoga

when you start yoga, you discover things about your own body that you may never knew existed, for example in 2 months of practice, I found myself flipping upside down into #headstands HEADSTANDS YES! I never knew I could do that, so my body actually eliminated some fears inside and suddenly opened up for experimenting which is FANTASTIC.

but... you should understand that you practice yoga because it makes you happy, it is what you want to be and feel, you shouldn't practice it because YOU NEED TO. with time I managed to clearly understand this fact, and so will you :)

3. Don't be scared of injuries

so far I managed to own a scar on my leg and a broken pinky toe, oh and a left wrist that is sore every now and then. so injuries will or might happen, so don't be scared the first time something goes a bit wrong! otherwise you will stop working towards moving forward and will stop experimenting with your body! don't let your mind win :)


NO T NO SHADE MISS THING. but if you want to post a perfectly mastered handstand or flying lizard etc... you need to post the process as well, people should be able to see the truth, the practice that led to mastering a certain pose, we tend to try advanced poses that we see online, and might be seriously injured! so PLEASE PLEASE do not try anything you see unless you are super sure you know the process!

5. If you let it, yoga will peel you like an onion!

yes. trust me. I am still maybe at the third layer, so #myjourney is faaaaaaaar from being perfect, yet I feel the change, I feel the transformation that my mind and body and going through.

If you are looking for solace for your emotional pain, then no, it is not what yoga does to you, it will make you face your pain right in the eye, again and again, and again, until you are strong enough to feel it no more, it peels away your ego, it peels away the fake strength that you mask yourself with to avoid future hurt.

what yoga does instead is heal you without medication, without a doctor talking on top of your head not even looking into your eyes. what yoga does is exploring a conversation between you and your pain, until you are strong enough to LET IT GO.

Trust me you guys, if only after a year and a half I can deliver this information to you, can you imagine how better this will be in the future? so let us share these information with each other and ripple the effect of self love and self discovery! let me know if your agree and let us chat about our journeys, comment below!

Love & Namaste


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