My Bohemian Treasure

Hello my dear Fam, it has been a while now that I haven't shared an article with you, believe me, it was a break that my soul needed. And what helped me break out from this self doubt little journey was the connection and energy my Malas have given me.

And that's why I have decided to share these beautiful vibes with you! and hopefully, you can find your own Mala that speaks to you.

All my Malas are from Bohemian Treasure and I always feel grateful for getting to know this brand, especially who is behind the hard work! :)

So let us start with the first Mala!

Strength & Self Acceptance Mala Necklace

This actually was my very first mala to own (of course after the one I got in Nepal from a buddhist monk I have met) and I was so happy that it looked exactly like the pictures on the website, this goes said for all of the products I got from Bohemian Treasure.

The Lava stone is the stone of protection and strength, it is a grounding stone and connects us to Mother Earth, this is why I wear mostly when I practice my grounding flows, it gives me this inner strength I never knew existed in me. The energy of this stone is connected also to our Base Chakra. Read more about the other stones here!


Centered Self Mala

as written on the website: ABUNDANCE • TRUST • CONFIDENCE

This beautiful mala is related to the Heart Chakra, the Throat chakra and the Third Eye Chakra

The Sandalwood is the most sacred wood used for malas and has such a beautiful soothing scent that by just smelling it you are a ease... That is why it is perfect for meditation and I always wear it when I just have to be here in the present focusing on my Pranayama (AKA breathing) the sandalwood is related to the third eye chakra, so it enhances mental clarity and calms the mind! keep on reading and discover the Amazonite stone here!


THE LOVE MALA (I gave this one to my sister so the picture here is from the website, shy face)

This beautiful mala is perfect for emotional stability and inner balance, it is an amazing friend to hold on to during meditation.

The Rudraksha mala is a type of mala worn by gurus since forever! it is like a warm hug to your soul and creates stability if you are a person who is always busy and active.

This mala calms my spirit and it is like I float on a calm lake in a night sky summer night.

Read more about the rose quartz here!



First of all, let me say that this is my favorite mala of all time! I love its energy, the Buddha Charm that helps me find peace within :)

It is the Mala necklace that I wear often in my practices, thanks to its stones energies, The Labradorite for protection and to calm my overthinking mind, The Garnet for grounding my inner self and I honestly feel it is the stone that protects me, and last but not least the Natural Jasper for calming my stressful energy and it reminds me that I am not alone on this planet and that I should also think of others and bring them joy too!

Read more about this magical mala here!

That is it, folks! stay tuned for more articles related and maybe I will show you guys my mala bracelets!

I send you all my love and light and wish to see you soon around here!



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