My Life Before Yoga

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

What do I mean with my life before yoga?

it means my life without self understanding, without knowing the meaning of Mind-Body conversation. I was always Lazy (don't get me wrong I let myself be very lazy even after yoga, but I know I will return to my mat eventually, to my safe place).

We have been witnessing so many #influencers talk about how fitness and being active changed their lives. and no matter how bored we are of these topics we can not escape the one true fact, and that it is ABSOLUTELY TRUE.

I am writing this short story in the hope of inspiring YOU to do good for YOU. And baby... the ripple of that behavior is surprising and exciting!

Before yoga, I was drinking too much, smoking, making wrong decisions to make myself feel stronger and empowered, I was not taking care of my body (it shows even during my practices, but it also shows the positive progress with time!) until I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

Yoga connects my body to my heart and mind, I understand what my body needs and I fully embrace myself in the journey of delivering the goodness to every inch of my being
I am taking care of myself, I am embracing myself, I am Loving myself but most of all, I have deep respect for my own soul and yours.

I share a piece of my soul with every post on instagram and I never thought that I would do that, but the more I do the more positivity I find around me, because you are getting inspired by something good!

Thank you for stopping by my friend,

Leave me a comment of any doubts of thoughts you have in your mind, I would love to chat with all of you! tell me how you think you can find yourself and if you did, how do you feel :)?

What is your story?

Love and Glitter,


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