If there is ONE THING I have always wanted to try, it would be Homemade pasta :)

and OMG you guys it was an experience! I never imagined that making homemade pasta would actually bring a joyful smile and excitement in the kitchen!

Here is the recipe we made (Robi and I) at home this past weekend, mind the fact that we did it for 2 persons, and we had left overs so we cooked another dish with a different sauce the next day :)

USUALLY IT IS ONE EGG PER 100g of FLOUR, we used 2 eggs for 250g of flour, follow up for more pictures of the process and info!

Here we go, the first step is creating the flour volcano! basically we put 250g of flour and made a little hole for the eggs to rest in:

Then you add a pinch of salt, & start USING YOUR HANDS (you can use a fork if you don't quite like the texture) and slowly bringing the edges of the flour to the center, combining the egg and the flour together, slowly:

Once you are and feel confident to start mixing with both hands, you start rolling the dough together slowly, adding one table spoon of water at a time until you are satisfied with the texture, it shouldn't be too dry, but not too sticky either!

Keep going :D

KEEP GOINNNNNG (about 10min) until you have a soft dough ready to be covered and rested for 30 minutes!

Rest the dough for about 30 min before rolling and cutting!

Once rested you sprinkle a little bit of flour on the dough and cut it in half to start rolling it using the Pasta rolling machine (if you don't have it then you can use the normal rolling pin until you reach the thickness that you like, 2 mm or eve 3 is fine)

START ROLLING AND HAVE FUN! (if you don't have the machine you can cut with a knife the pasta after rolling the dough, in any shaped you want! tagliatelle, or thinner for spaghetti, or even triangles and creative shapes!) and TADAAAAA!

yes keep scrolling down for more deliciousness!

for our first time we used a simple tomatoes and basil (garlic as well) sauce to keep it rustic and true to the pasta taste! drooling...


250g of Flour

2 eggs (preferably not directly from the fridge)

pinch of salt

3 to 4 Tablespoons of water (warm)


Please leave a #comment if you like, tried or modified the recipe! share with me your cooking stories!

Buon Appetito and Come Again!




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